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Give 'Em The Pickle

Bob Farell

Give 'em the pickle training is created by Bob Farell, a successful restauranter who opened more than 150 restaurants across America without a single failure (the failure rate of running restaurants in America is 80%).

Bob Farell is a strong advocate of customer service and he started his "give 'em the pickle" campaign at the time when he was starting his second restaurant.

At that time, a disgruntled customer wrote him a letter to complain about a staff wanting to charge him for the extra pickle that he requested (he had been getting it for free); he mentioned that he will not visit his restaurant again. Farell had to do some service recovery to retain that customer but is thankful for that letter.

From the incident, Farell realised that customers continue their relationship with a business because of the experience that they enjoyed and if they consistently receive that experience, they will continue that relationship with the business.

give 'em the pickle

Farell believes that many businesses give "pickles" to their customers - it could be a value added service, a freebie, or it could be an unforgettable experience. He also believes that if we are willing to listen to our customers, they will tell us what they want.


We should learn to find out what "pickles" our customers like and are looking out for when they use our service or purchase our products and continually give them out to the customers.

We should also be consistent in giving out "pickles" - we can't give it on the first visit then stop or only give it out during certian times. When they re-visit for the same experience but don't receive it, they will be unhappy.

Farell also notes that unhappy customers may not always complain; some of them just walk away and many of them will share that "bad experience" with their friends and relatives.





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