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Give 'Em The Pickle

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Give 'Em The Pickle is about how Bob Farell, a restauranter who runs over 140 restaurants around United States, started to focus more on customer satisfaction after receiving a complain letter from a customer.

Around the time when Bob Farell opened his second restaurant, a regular customer wrote a letter to Bob, telling him about how he loves the burgers and ice creams of his restaurant and how they were the best in Seattle. He went on to tell Bob that he usually asks for an extra pickle and the staff had always given him one extra pickle for free. On a particular visit, he asked for an extra pickle as usual and the staff told him that it will be charged as a side dish at US$1.25. He was outraged and decided to have his meal somewhere else. He told Bob that he will not visit the restaurant anymore if that is the way they do their business.

Bob quickly did some service recovery but what I think is important is that he realised that many customers buy our products or use our services for some "value added service" that we give. From then on, the war cry of his restaurant chain became "Give 'em the pickle" and he has spoken to more than twenty thousand people regarding this story.

Give 'em the pickle is not just about giving customers pickles, it's about meeting customers' needs and exceeding their expectations, maintaining that special relationship that we have with our customers and as a result having continued business from our loyal customers.

Bob shares about four important factors about great customer service in any organisation - Service, Attitude, Consistency and Teamwork.


Fish Philosophy Inspiried "Work Fun" Training Workshop

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Fish mongers may not be the usual people we learn about work place cultures from, but the "world famous" Pike Place Fish Market is really remarkable.

Picture yourself being a fish monger working with 12 other men, waking up in the wee hours of the morning, carrying, cutting and selling fish in a market. How will you behave on a day to day basis? How will you react when potential customers ask you "stupid" questions over and over again?

Most people will be grumpy and go through the day with a "don't ask me anything" or "i'm not intereste to talk" attitude.

The fish philosophy training video shows a fish stall in Seattle, USA, which went through the exact same things that we described earlier, staff turnover was high, morale was low and sales was not as good as it should be. People hated to work there.

Then one day the boss, Johnny, had a revealation. He gathered the staff to ask them about their vision of the fish stall and one junior staff said he wanted to be "world famous". They kind of agreed that "world famous" was something that they should work towards and their behaviour started to change.

They started to have fun at their work place, focused on fulfilling their duties, meeting the customers' needs and making them happy and displaying a positive attitude to whatever happened at work. Subsequently, they started to enjoy their work, staff turnover dropped, crowds just started to gather around their stall and they actually became famous in Seattle.

Eventually, a production company approached their boss to produce a training video on the fish stall's philosophy and the boss readily agreed. The video has since helped thousands of organisations around the world improve their work place culture and today, the fish stall really is world famous! By the way, their business improved tremendously too as more and more people travelled to Seattle to visit them.

Our "Work Fun" Workshop, inspired by the fish philosophy training video will help organisations and teams who are keen to improve their work place culture and relationships, promote having fun at work and focus on internal and external customer service. Work Fun Workshop will motivate your staff to mix fun and work, stay focused on their tasks, go the extra mile for their colleagues and customers and exhibit a positive attitude to changes in their workplace. 



Citibank N.A. Great Cook-out

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Anergy Great Cook-Out - Outdoor Cooking Team Building.

Eating is part of many (if not all) of many Asian Cultures. We eat with our family and people that we like; not many of us will want to share a table with people whom we dislike. Getting people to eat together somehow just works wonders. Getting them to prepare their own meal goes beyond that - it's almost like a miracle pill that get them to gel in an instant! 

We are pleased to announce a new programme that we have developed for a group of executives from Citibank N.A. who are visiting Hong Kong. We will be hosting their teambuilding session and they will be participating in our latest innovation, Anergy Great Cook-Out.

In this half-day team building exercise, participants are challenged to prepare a 3 course meal in an outdoors environment. The participants will be in charge of setting fire, preparing the ingredients, cooking and presenting the dishes to the judges. Leadership, planning, communication, and of course, artistic and natural talents contribute to the success of each team.

The great thing about this team building exercise is that you get to enjoy the great outdoors in Hong Kong and also get to know the hidden talents in your collegues at the same time. Another interesting thing about this activity is that you get to eat what you or your colleagues prepared! What other great way to bond as a team?

Check out the pictures below:


Team Building at Hyatt Regency Shatin

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Our team building session at Hyatt Regency, Shatin was a great successs. The participants were blown away by our laser tag team building programme for their kick out meeting.

We are not new to HP in asia pacific as we have done several HP team building session in Singapore. This was, however, the first time that they have worked with us in Hong Kong and we were glad that they liked the Laser Shootout team building session.

The participants from HP were participative, creative and determined in the session today. They all had fun but could not stop poking fun at the other teams and continued to compete in the different segments for the top spots untill the last whistle was blown. In the end, there were those that won some prizes and those who didn't but what was more important was the team spirit they displayed. 

There were three important lessons that the client wanted to stress on today, "positive mental attitude", "adaptabilty" and "fighting spirit". We saw the participants displaying all three values during the team building session but what was valuable as well was seeing the same values being displayed by our own staff for today's event.

As the strong winds today toppled the 6x1.5 foot metal legged tables that held the carton boxes in place and we had to "adapt" to come out with new ways of securing the boxes, which we have not done before. Our staff also kept their "fighting spirit" and continued to tape the boxes in place a mere 5 minutes before the team building session started, after a strong gust of wind devastated the obstacles that were set up a hour before.

It was a good thing that our staff were trained to maintained a positive outlook and continue to perserve under the adverse conditions and in the end we were able to ermerge victorious and pulled off yet another successful event for our client.

Another satisfied client signals a short break before our upcoming projects for MGM GRAND Macau next week where we will be going to Disneyland Hotel for two runs of corporate training and team building sessions.


Prime Credit Team Relationship Building Programme

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Anergy Team Building is proud to announce that we will be running a 175 pax team relationship building programme for Prime Credit Limited staff and customers at Tai Tam Country Park in October this year.

Prime Credit has engaged us to conduct a programme for their staff to bond with their clients. Prime Credit reguarly organises team bonding programmes with their clients as they are an organisation that understands that in giving back to their clients, they are building that relationship that they have in a new dimension. They also know the fact that people with positive relationships work better together. The programme team at prime credit wanted a programme that was fun, not too physical, outdoors and lasted half a day.

The Anergy team recommended anergy hunters - a variation of our synergy race programme, which is one of our trademark programme, at Tai Tam Country Park. The idyllic scenery and fresh air at Tai Tam Country Park gives participants a relaxing mood as compared to every life in the city. A short walk around the park is also good exercise.

Get ready for a smashing time at Tai Tam!



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